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The January Pinkletter

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Website Readability Accessibility

Website Readability and Accessibility in 2017

2017 will be dominated by minimalistic websites with an emphasis on readability and accessibility, and it’s never been more important to have a site that follows basic usability standards. Many businesses advertise or invest in content marketing only to have users land on their site and leave right away, because they don’t understand what you’re

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Best November 2016 tech web marketing news

The November Pinkletter

This month, get ready to insta-shop while daydreaming of an array of voice-activated fake news. The far-right activists’s karma fell from the sky straight into China, where censorship proved to be a Hero of Platinum membership. Pass the remote please, the wi-fi is off. 1. Everything you need to know about Instagram͛s shoppable photos Instagram

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digital marketing standards 2017

9 Digital Marketing Standards Your Website Must Meet in 2017

If you want your website to perform well, it has to meet certain web design and digital marketing standards. Though looks are important, the core functionality is what matters the most in terms of traffic and conversion rate. Furthermore, this means bad news for those who haven’t updated their website in recent years. Web standards evolve rapidly

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Making the Web Pretty Since 2008

It’s our 8 year anniversary! For the last 8 years, we have been helping companies express their brand image through beautiful design in print and online. Thank you for the business, friendship and support you have provided over the years. Some of you have been with us from the our beginning, others – from your

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October 2016 Web Design News

The October Pinkletter

October is jam-packed with new releases from major tech companies. Google launched a new and exciting smartphone, Facebook expands its services and Apple’s hardware gets a push forward. A DDoS attack wreaked havoc online and a once beloved picture manipulation app will cease to exist. 1. Penguin 4.0 is finally here, Google confirms Though it has a cute name,

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Congratulations to... us! Team BrightPink Studio brings home two Silver Addys received tonight at the Awards Gala of the 2018 Addy Awards 💖🏆🏆💖 The awards received were for logo design (Caneka) and responsive web design (Coral Springs Mothers of Multiples)#AddyAwards2018 ... See MoreSee Less

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