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Your New Creative Team

Hi, we are a team of designers, developers and writers committed to providing professional web design and branding for the South Florida area and the entire US.

We are based near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where for eight years we have strived to create original, custom web design, branding and packaging materials.

We will turn your ideas into a creative and effective design for your brand by providing a responsive website and improving its ranking and conversion.

We take pride in delivering modern, well-thought out print products and an array of marketing materials.

Meet Us

Madalina Iordache

Madalina Iordache-Levay


The founder of BrightPink Studio, Madalina leads the creative team and coordinates most projects to ensure goals are met and expectations are surpassed. Creative by nature and training, she has a 6th sense in understanding what a client needs as well as what their clients need, finding inspiring solutions to complicated challenges. Besides work, Madalina enjoys having fun with her family, dressing her twins in matching clothes, nature walks, Japanese gardens, Thai food, audiobooks and movie score.

Jonie Iordache

Jonie Iordache

Vice President of Technology

Jonie joined her sister Madalina at BrightPink back in 2010, armed with a Bachelor’s in Computer Programming. She breathes, dreams and thinks in code and has a smart solution for every technical challenge.  As our lead programmer, she coordinates all web development projects. In the “real” world, she enjoys traveling and playing fetch with her Golden Retriever, Oscar. Currently Jonie resides in Dublin  Munich  Fort Lauderdale  Paris  London.

Rachel Anghel

Art Director

Rachel’s passion for all things beautiful lead her to pursuing graphic design in her career. Her expertise ranges from branding and product packaging to websites and apps. Most recently, she’s been focusing on user experience, content strategy and SEO to bring a more holistic approach to design. She is also passionate about home decor, arts & crafts, and long walks in the city.

George Rotaru

Graphic Designer

Though a graduate of Computer Science, upon graduation George decided to follow a design career, and joined us in early 2011. He has designed countless logos and print materials, websites and applications, in a great variety of styles.  When he’s not spinning his (color) wheels in the Adobe suite, George enjoys hiking, rollerblading, playing computer video games and devising his plans for world dominance.

Octav Fedor

Copywriter & Social Media Manager

With a natural curiosity with knowledge in general, it’s hard to guess that Octav is a graduate of Language and Literature. After leaving Shakespeare behind (with few regrets), Octav began his copywriting career at various web companies and joined our ranks in early 2015. Besides working on the next engaging blog article, Octav likes visiting museums, playing trivia games, cycling and wishing he could play the guitar like a pro.

Julie Iordache

Manager Assistant

As our office manager, we rely on Julie for the smooth operation of our business. Neat and organized, with a “can-do” attitude and always a smile on her face, Julie is our unsung hero, as she assists with a variety of tasks that make our work easier. Though we often don’t realize it… until she goes on vacation.


Layout & FireFox Specialist

Oscar works closely with Jonie in our London office, most often on layout tasks – such as laying out next to her computer while she’s shuffling through complicated lines of code. But his duties extend far beyond, and he provides excellent customer service by attending meetings and allowing clients the privilege of petting him (lint rolls are provided at the front desk for convenience). In his spare time, Oscar enjoys chasing the backyard foxes and begging for the next treat to anyone who cares to listen.