Editing Your Facebook Page

Instructions for PuroClean Franchise Pages

  1. Open your Facebook company pages.
  2. Click on the About tab, then go to Page Info
  3. Your page name should be your PuroClean DBA name, e.g.: PuroClean Certified Restoration Specialists. If it’s not already, hover over the Name field and click Edit
    Name Hover-Facebook
  4. Type your DBA name there, then click Continue. This change is subject to Facebook approval.
  5. Your subcategory name (displayed right under your page name) should be Damage Restoration Service. Back to Page Info, click Edit next to the Subcategories field:
  6. Type in Damage Restoration Service and select the predefined option offered by Facebook, then click Save Changes.

When you are finished and return to the Timeline, your header should look similar to this (it should be your full DBA instead of just PuroClean, and your buttons and tabs may be different).


That’s it! You’re done.