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Armor Report Gets a New Look: The Revamped Website

The popular news aggregator Armor Report got a new look, revamping its web image with a modern and dynamic design, displaying all the industry’s reference news in a stunning new layout.

Already famous as a primary online source for the armor industry news, reference links and so much more, the website needed a fresh look, displaying its content in a wider screen and captivating its readers with a vibrant and modern design.

The website is enriched with stunning photography, that alone convincing even the most skeptic visitors to browse the website entirely, discovering the most interesting and up-to-date information in the Armor, Law Enforcement and Defense departments.

One of the exciting features of the new website is the forum, where you can sign in to become part of a community of highly experienced and updated people, keeping you informed and aware.

Designed as a reference news aggregator, the website selects relevant videos and breaking news from all over the world (wide web), constantly updating information and events concerning body armor, bringing together everything worth reading.

The website also integrates a constantly updated events calendar, where you can find brief information about the events and external links to their sources.

Educating industry professionals about changing trends and technology, the website also offers the perfect scene where companies can present their offers and market to industry professionals.

But enough talking… we’ll just let the design speak for itself. And as you enter the website, you will find yourself inspired by the energy of the design and by the high quality of the information displayed within.

And if you want to find out more about our projects, visit our entire portfolio at the BrightPink Studio website.

At Bright Pink Agency, we design & develop awesome websites, make gorgeous print materials, create logos and other branding items, and more. In our blog, we share news, tips & inspiration - like this article! If you enjoyed it, please share.


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