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Beautiful Facebook Tabs

When you’re browsing, it’s always about the visual impact. It’s the first glance that makes a page memorable or totally forgettable, and when it comes to Facebook pages, it makes no exception.

And since your Facebook page is so important for keeping the fans happy and updated, it should come as no surprise that developing custom Facebook tabs is a must for your company’s identity, being the most compelling way to share information about your business in a compact and attractive way.

So here are some of the most beautiful Facebook pages, with custom tabs what will surely inspire you.

The Facebook tab is now one of the most exciting features on Facebook, allowing applications to be integrated within your social page and separating different pages inside your Facebook profile, transforming your profile into a powerful tool for your business.

And you don’t even have to be a rocket scientist to create a Facebook tab: it is simply done with the “Add new tab” option, by specifying the tab name and URL, that will be loaded when selecting the tab on the Facebook profile. If you need more information about creating Facebook tabs, you can find everything you need in the Facebook Integration section.

However, if you lack the imagination or you’re not familiar with the standard languages used to building web applications (like HTML, JavaScript or CSS), we warmly advise you to leave this in the experienced hands of professionals.

And now that Facebook is in a process of depreciating FBML (custom coding language similar to HTML, created by Facebook developers to be the primary technology to build applications on Facebook), the iFrame became a hit, eliminating a lot of the barriers and offering the significant option of bringing most of your already existing tools inside Facebook, offering unlimited possibilities in expressing your brand and through this, increasing engagement.

So there are many ways to attract all eyes on your Facebook profile and to easily make friends.

One of them is using landing tabs that offer some welcome information, making users curious about the company and asking them to “Like” the page or sign up for something, in order to unveil the whole content on the page.  And if the layout captures the attention, this usually makes the trick.

Baskin-Robbins – 2,136,439 fans

Windows Phone – 639,085 fans

American Eagle Outfitters – 3,902,654 fans

Besides these “Like”-able landing tabs, you can successfully use “Welcome” landing tabs. This kind of tabs usually offer a more extensive content (you can even use videos) regarding the company’s profile and provides the option of staying in touch with Facebook updates (just click the “Like” button) and also updates on other socializing sites, such as Twitter. And browsing through pages is just one click away.

Audi – 2,927,031 fans

DC Shoes Europe – 1,368,434 fans

Another way to captivate the users is to enrich your page with colorful buttons that will take them into a world of quizzes, gift cards, promotional offers, shopping pages and updates, especially if these are integrated with style in the artistic layout of your landing tab. Usually a firm call to action will reach the targeted users better than just having the information flow through the stream of the wall.

Windows Live Messenger – 9,794,471 fans

Victoria’s Secret – 11,667,357 fans

Starbucks – 19,862,390 fans

Sony Ericsson – 3,912,457 fans

PlayStation – 9,361,744 fans

Disneyland – 7,666,046 fans

Nokia – 2,903,196 fans

And since everyone is excited about small games, maps and quests, creating small entertaining applications for users with exploratory skills and with some time to waste might bring you some enthusiastic new fans that will share with other friends the object of their excitement – your page link.

Kit Kat – 3,037,296 fans

McDonald’s – 7,387,080 fans

One of the best ways to keep your fans with all eyes on you, is to surprise them, once in a while, with interactive applications and polls, exclusive videos and exciting new features, so they can feel important, like they’re a part of your business. This way, they will always check your Facebook page for updates and sneak peaks on your latest launches.

Abercrombie & Fitch – 3,874,014 fans

BlackBerry – 5,562,038 fans

Another attractive and also effective idea for custom Facebook tabs is designing them as miniature websites… since designing Facebook tabs with iFrames has no limitations, you can just go crazy and post photo galleries previews, exciting new videos, wallpaper galleries and applications that are one click away, transforming the landing tab into a colorful and stylish map for your business’s Facebook page.

Porsche – 1,368,480 fans

Lacoste – 4,670,784 fans

GUESS – 821, 222 fans

Chick-fil-A – 3,802,467 fans

But no matter the approach, with an inspired layout, every one of these custom tabs will captivate the users and they’ll simply go under the spell and “Like” them. After all, from “like” to “buy” there might be a small (and well designed) step… and this is pretty much the point, right?

At the end,  as you find yourself admiring the design of these Facebook tabs,  you will surely desire one for yourself, as well. And we would be happy to make all these dreams come to life for you. So visit our work to find out what we can do and how we can make your business’s Facebook profile memorable.

If you liked our article or have any opinion or suggestions on this subject, please let us know what you think, in our comments section below.

At Bright Pink Agency, we design & develop awesome websites, make gorgeous print materials, create logos and other branding items, and more. In our blog, we share news, tips & inspiration - like this article! If you enjoyed it, please share.


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