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Halloween Delights: Spooky Websites

As fall takes over, the season of cold mornings and warm colored trees begins… but not for us… here in South Florida, we focus on holidays and creepy Halloween scenarios, and although most of us already passed the age of trick or treating, it doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy Halloween as much.

So we armed ourselves with courage and patience (and with a critical eye, of course) and we got to work: we searched this world wide cobweb for the most beautifully crafted and creepy designs to make your Halloween night as frightful as expected.

Ready to be spooked?

The best spooky websites we managed to find are the websites designed to introduce horror movies… and it’s no wonder, since they are a big part of the movies’ advertising campaigns.

Each of these websites will try to lure you in a world of mystery, hidden secrets and frightful dark creatures, captivating you with wonderfully directed scenarios and artistically designed layouts, with beautifully crafted details that will make you tremble in an instant. So from worn out, vintage and dark patterned backgrounds to blood spots, black moths and foggy corners, nothing gets spared in this feast of horrors.

And since an image is worth a thousand words, we will now let you enjoy the terrors.












But that’s not all we have in our hat… there are many other scary places on the web, ready to be explored and dreaded, intriguing you with their dark, mystical layout and making you want to see what’s hidden deep in their pages… so tread carefully, there’s a whole fascinating world of mystery and supernatural waiting to be uncovered.









Now going back to the days when we were brave impressionable kids looking for some adventure (ignoring the fact that the world wide web wasn’t that wide back then) we found some silly creepy websites that will rather make you laugh out loud than run screaming under the bed…





So that’s all the treats we have for you this Halloween… And if you find by chance other websites worthy to be in this hall of fame please share them with us.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

At BrightPink Studio, we design & develop awesome websites, make gorgeous print materials, create logos and other branding items, and more. In our blog, we share news, tips & inspiration - like this article! If you enjoyed it, please share.


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