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Showcase Of 10 Magnificent Surreal Websites

As we’re already used to, the infinite universe of webdesign is expanding, knowing no boundaries, merging in an unique way new technologies with already famous artistic approaches.

So it should come as no wonder that Surrealism now became the new black, continuously growing in its popularity and invading the world wide web with fantastic and unexpected scenes, luring you in a strange universe of pure emotions and whimsical imagery, attracting more and more disciples.


Approaching the human subconscious mind, Surrealism brings together distant realities, channeling the unconscious towards creating a powerful parallel universe, setting the imagination free and offering a dreamlike escape against the vapid reality surrounding us.

But in order to get a clearer view on the genre, allow us to bore you with some useful insight about Surrealism’s defining features.

Finding its inspiration in Dadaism, the Surrealism gathered the most unpredictable juxtapositions, creating visions of unique characters, strange urban landscapes and lush greenery, all in a mixed-up universe, in order to evoke psychological reactions from its viewers.

Using free associations, each of these irrational images are taking you into a voyage to the most mysterious and private world of the mind, where traditions and ordinary fade away into a space where curving, continuous lines emerge out of nowhere, relapsing into strange and symbolic figures, creating a wonderland of their own.

And for what it’s worth, the effect is dazzling.

Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

The Oleg Blog


The Pixel Blog

Products of an uninhibited mind, surreal layouts are creating an entire magnificent graphic world waiting to be discovered, where dreams and hallucinations are substituting the tangible reality, opening the door to some twisted, strange new planets, where extraordinary becomes usual.

And with the new technologies blossoming, Surrealism became more and more present then ever. Embedding dreamy effects,  animations and even sound effects, Flash became one of the most priceless tools in developing unbridled universes of emotions and landscapes of the unconscious.

Tinman Oz

Immersive Garden


2 Advanced Studios

Duirwaigh Studios

While all these dreamy, surreal images, are meant to lure you into this world of spectacular and unknown, making you doubt their existence, we dare to make them real. So take a chance and step up in this fabulous wonderland, and let us transform your visions into some extraordinary creative universe.

Still hard to wake up from this dream and decide what’s real? Here’s a piece of our work to give weight to all these words. And if you want to see more about our work, feel free to visit our portfolio.

At Bright Pink Agency, we design & develop awesome websites, make gorgeous print materials, create logos and other branding items, and more. In our blog, we share news, tips & inspiration - like this article! If you enjoyed it, please share.


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