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Showcase of 24 Tasty Restaurants Websites

Not in the mood to cook and you’re looking for new and exciting places to dine out? The easiest way to discover some hidden treasures is to start an online quest, letting the rich imagery and savory galleries of these restaurants websites to lure you into a world of amazing culinary delights.

And if the first bite is taken with the eye, then get ready to experience the feast of 25 of the most tasty restaurants world wide (web).

They say an image is worth a thousand words… so being mostly about the visual impact, these beautiful websites usually display impressive photography of food and refined decorative arrangements, astonishing you with mouth-watering, tasty details and mastered restaurant scenery, showing you the various aspects of the restaurant experience and introducing you to more than a culinary foray.

So whether it is an artsy full background or a delightful slideshow, the images on these websites make it all about amazing photography, managing to impress you with their fresh, vibrant colors and artistically staged arrangements, focusing on vivid captions of the restaurant atmosphere, spiced with sumptuous close-ups of the dishes, creating a powerful visual effect.

And to inspire you in this matter, we gathered 25 wonderful creative websites for restaurants. So get ready to feel bewitched… and probably hungry.

 Bull & Bear at Waldorf Astoria

Squid Ink

Olive Garden

Gianni’s Steakhouse

La Porte Sainte Claire

Longhorn Steakhouse

Le 28 Thiers

Cafe Rouge

Henssler & Henssler

La Vista


Agra Palace

As you probably noticed (once you managed to get your eyes off the delicious plates), aside from the glossy close-ups and eye-catching, bright colored desserts, these websites are creating an unique, intimate atmosphere, veiling you with moody warm tones and fancy patterned backgrounds.

Keeping the focus on the fabulous food and the sparkling arrangements, many designers choose to keep the layout as simple as possible, opting for a minimalistic approach for the design, while managing to inspire elegance and refinement.

The Honours

The Square



And then there are the ones that impress you with both mouth-watering plates and inspiring, out of the box design, that will show you art with every click, managing to stay memorable with their creative layouts and outstanding details.


G2 Georgeske

Cantilever Fish & Chips




La Bruschetta

Hoddows Gastwerk

And if you’re looking for someone to transform your restaurant into an online garden of temptations and delights, we invite you to visit our portfolio for some delicious treats.


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