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Spending Money With Style: e-Commerce Trends

Now that the Internet is accessible anywhere to everyone and we became so addicted to our online devices, it should come as no surprise that the e-Commerce industry has evolved so much in the past years.

And what’s most exciting about it, is that the e-Commerce web design has also become more and more creative, opening a remarkable environment for art and innovation, making the competition between online shops even more interesting.

So we decided to scout the world wide web for the most creative and impressive online shops, putting together a showcase of beautifully designed e-Commerce websites.


As we find ourselves caught in this speedy world, we realize we have lesser and lesser time to wonder around malls to shop for goodies… so it’s easy to see why everyone wants fast access to shops and easily accessible products. And if they come in an innovative, beautifully designed wrap, let the shopping begin!

So as the number of online customers grows every day, despite the financial recession, web designers are brainstorming for unique online shops layouts, combining art with usability and trying to create memorable websites.

One of the most striking things about these beautiful websites is that the design is rather focused on reflecting the company’s personality and core values, than attracting customers with eye-catching banners and bright-colored sales buttons.

And while the online shops’ designs can impress you in many different ways, the application at their heart is basically following the same rules, offering an easy shopping experience, by using categorization with tags, big, representative thumbnails, detailed product descriptions that could please even the most demanding customers, and quick tips that could help customers decide what they like best.

One of the most popular approaches we noticed on these websites is the minimalist design style, keeping the design simple and clean, creating strong visual effects by using creative details and colorful accents, reflecting the company’s personality and giving character to their product line, bringing the shop to life in a most impressive way.

Weather it’s vintage looking colors, unique patterned backgrounds or themed elements, each of these websites will offer you rich imagery, focusing on visual search, catching your eye with artistic videos and masterly embedded slide-shows, staying on the cutting edge of consumer demand.

And since the social media trend is still a burning topic, e-Commerce has turned lately into Social Commerce, combining the online shopping experience with buyer communities and shop-and-share options, where you can brag about your items and share the enthusiasm (or not), community recommendations and, newly, Facebook storefronts.

There are many memorable online shop designs on the world wide web, but there are some that could make you reconsider e-Commerce webdesign, displaying excellent designed layouts and taking customer interaction to a whole different level.

Here are a few examples that will captivate you with their unique concept and their beautifully designed details.

As for us, we enriched our portfolio with some beautiful e-Commerce websites, fully customized to our clients’ specific needs. And because we tailor each website for each client, administrating the interface becomes an easy task, offering only the features and functions required by the website’s functionality.

Since, for many clients, working in a standard CMS might get confusing, we make sure each time that the CMS is easy to use and has a user friendly interface that will help them efficiently administrate their accounts.

And, what is also important, we are not dependent upon a preexisting platform, making everything much more easier. Need to know more about our e-Commerce developing skills? Visit our work.

If you have other examples of beautifully designed e-Commerce websites or if you want to share your impressions with us, please feel free to add you comments in our comment section below.

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