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Vintage Bliss: The Foursided Website

Taking a step into Chicago’s most creative framing and art boutique is like taking a step closer to Wonderland. From the very first glance, the shop lures us into a fascinating collection of unique vintage pieces, incredible art and surprisingly other small findings, that captivate in an instant.

So it was only fair to imagine an exquisite vintage design that could masterly expose the unique feeling that the shop offers: amazing from the first sight. Skipping any other superfluous introductions, we proudly present you the charming design of Foursided website.

Creating a beautiful scene for all the surprising and unusual findings displayed within, the layout uncovers a vintage atmosphere, where from pastel colors to delicate textures and dusty patterns, all the details are merging together in order to summon a world of curiosities and unexpected, the world of Foursided.

Opening with a chic, retro looking – jQuery slide show, the website offers all the advantages of a rich, well structured online shop, but without being one… yet (the features are in the plan, and are to be released sometime in the future).

All the galleries have representative categories, displaying an impressive collection of art pieces, unique antique and vintage items and many other funny, unusual or surprising findings you can think of, that can be found in their shops of Chicago. And to ensure a clear view, each of these images will enlarge in a lightbox upon clicking.

Both of the two menus on the website (the top menu, with a clean, minimalistic design and a chic drop-down , and the side menu, with matching bright colored design and vintage accents, displaying a more extended categories map) offer a highly efficient and smooth user experience, keeping everything simple and making it easy to enjoy the beauty of the fabulous image galleries.

Being the center of attention on the website – as it should be –  the Offerings page (opening on the main menu) creates a virtual introductory journey in this peerless space of curiosities and unique items, completing its fantastic vintage atmosphere with witty and relaxed content on each category, creating this way the perfect playground for a long lasting connection.

The page also offers links to each one of its sub-categories.

Want to know what Foursided is up to and what’s new in their fabulous shops? It’s easy to keep up by following them up either on Facebook and Twitter ( since everybody goes social nowadays, integrating these buttons into the layout turned out to be a must, so we offered them a chic, vintage look to gracefully match the design) or on their blog page, in the website.

From most expected events, to fantastic sales and new gatherings, the blog will captivate you with the same fun and friendly atmosphere, embedding all the news and feeds into the vibrant life of this website.

And since you – obviously – can’t stand to keep all the excitement to yourself, the website gathered the laurels received over the time and displays them on the Reviews page. So if the variety of Foursided’s wonderland captivated you in any way, take some time to fill out the form and let everyone know how you feel about it.

If this wasn’t enough to impress you, visit our work and let our portfolio gallery win you over. A big thank you to our friends at Times Ten Creative for entrusting us with this delightful project!

At Bright Pink Agency, we design & develop awesome websites, make gorgeous print materials, create logos and other branding items, and more. In our blog, we share news, tips & inspiration - like this article! If you enjoyed it, please share.


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