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Webdesign Trends: Creative Layouts for Structured Content

When it comes to websites, in order to captivate your visitors, a beautifully designed layout it’s definitely a must… but hardly ever enough.

So in order to keep the interest alive, you have to artfully merge your creative layout with a great usability of the design, because without usable and intuitive navigation and content structuring, all other efforts become nothing but useless.

Eager to learn how to make your website sparkle in this world wide jungle? Here are a few of the popular ways of structuring your website’s content, making the most of your design.

When it comes to webdesign trends, content sliders are  very popular among web developers. And it’s easy to see why, increasing conversion rates by bringing into the spotlights some of your most important content, making the most of the dedicated space.

Offering infinite possibilities of playing with shapes and forms, with little imagination, jQuery can help you create some pretty impressive sliders and animation schemes, making it incredibly easy to implement some amazing slide-shows.

And there are hundreds of customizable jQuery plugins on the internet just waiting to metamorphose into something unique and beautiful.

Content Sliders.

Initially used to generate more or less ingenious full-view image slide-shows displaying beautiful photography and creative portfolio images, content sliders are now opening new horizons, becoming quite popular among web developers to create extensive animation schemes, skillfully merging powerful images and text, engaging the users into an interactive browsing experience.

Attracting the users attention with beautifully designed frames, you can easily lure them into further reading and exploring, by concentrating the most relevant content into eye-catching sliding featured posts. And using popular technologies like jQuery plugins and CSS makes it even easier to create versatile and sleek content sliders using texts and images, providing user-interaction and responsiveness.

So we put together a collection of chic and creative content sliders that will undoubtedly inspire you.


Tabbed navigation.

Another great way to achieve a very clean and organized website layout  is to use tabbed navigation for content, allowing users to easily flip between different areas of the same content, without endlessly reloading the page.

And when it comes to creating impressive tabs design, there are many ways to bring innovative solutions to your layout, managing to keep the user interface clean and intuitive and providing easy access to all your information with a touch of a button.

Masterly embedded into the layout and designed to perfectly fit in, tabbed content is arguably on of the most prominent and practical ways of helping users to explore your website into the depth without having to get lost into a labyrinth of endless links and sub-menus.

Here’s a collection of beautifully designed layouts using tabbed navigation.

Carousel sliders.

In  a content terms of webdesign, carousel represents a creative element that offer easy access to a collection of content items displayed in a dynamic scrolling list, allowing users to select one of them for further detailed view.

Either vertical or horizontal, a carousel slider can undoubtedly be considered one of the most effective methods in increasing your website usability, luring the visitors into a carousel of beautiful, eye-catching images and engaging content, and attracting them to explore the website in the depth.

We put together a small showcase of inspirational carousel sliders to show you how they can win your visitors attention… and hearts.

Accordion sliders.

More often used for creating easy navigation, accordion sliders can turn out to be an irreplaceable tool in optimizing the limited space you sometimes have for displaying your galleries and content, minimizing and maximizing at any given time, magically following the users preferences.

And besides the multitude of innovative, creative approaches you can imagine for designing your accordion sliders, this webdesign technique can create an unique, intuitive user experience while browsing, helping you to highlight the essential without having to let go of the story behind it.

Here’s a collection of beautiful and out-of-the-box accordion sliders you will love.

Curious to see some other beautiful examples of creative website content sliders? Take a look at our portfolio and see how our team can turn your ideas into something memorable.

At BrightPink Studio, we design & develop awesome websites, make gorgeous print materials, create logos and other branding items, and more. In our blog, we share news, tips & inspiration - like this article! If you enjoyed it, please share.


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