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Pink Up Your Day

We may be the brightest pink around, but we are not alone. We wanted to see what else is there that could pink up your day, so we searched the World Wide Web for other inspirational pink websites.

And before we enter this world of pink frenzy, we thought it’s important for you to know that there are many ways to think pink: from light to bright we discover millions of pink shades.

Invented in the 17th century to describe bright undersaturated red, for a long time pink was a symbol of the feminine, happiness and romance. But nowadays, pink has gone serious: it’s not just a color for girlie blogs or women issues. Combined in the right way, it can create a very professional design, softening otherwise not so soft topics.

Over time, somehow pink has overcome all the sexes’ barriers. We just loved the way this color added a playful and intriguing touch to these minimalist web designs and still managing to keep a serious and professional look.

But with pink, you could always expect things to turn into fun and games. Because, after all, pink radiates with joy and freshness and often reminds us of our childhood.

Now when it comes to fashion, we all fall for pink. It manage to create a fresh, glamorous and extravagant look by combining soft shades with darker ones, offering such inviting images. With pink it’s all about expectations: at a second glance  it looks more and more like a promise for a royal treatment.

So weather it’s about places to go or special events, every reason of pure joy could use a touch of pink magic…after all, we all need to feel spoiled once in a while, don’t we?

We all know pink has its ways when it comes to speaking about love. One of the many reasons we love our pets it’s because they always add color to our lives. So when we have to leave without them this website really takes away the guilt and the doubts: it really looks like pets’ Heaven.

Isn’t all this pink glow just make you feel confident and peaceful?

We all know every thing has a dark side….so let’s talk about dark pink. It’s not about romance and fairies anymore, but it certainly holds a sort off fascination, making things look surprisingly glossy and bold. We dare you to enter and take a look.

We saved for the last part two wonderful websites. Yes, we know that’s not pink, we’re not colorblind. But sometimes it’s the details that elevate a website from web design to art. And just like that, a touch of pink can perform its magic by making it memorable.

At Bright Pink Agency, we design & develop awesome websites, make gorgeous print materials, create logos and other branding items, and more. In our blog, we share news, tips & inspiration - like this article! If you enjoyed it, please share.


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