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Bright Ideas to Promote Your Business this Summer

During the summer months, you may find that your business sales start to decrease, it’s quite normal, nothing to get alarmed about, most people are on vacation. It’s more likely that your audience will have more free time during the summer months than any other time so, if you can win them over now, you’ll set yourself up for a highly successful fourth quarter.

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Here are some great tactics that you can apply to promote your business during summer:

Review Your Business Goals and Your Marketing Plan

Use this time wisely and review the areas that drive the most profits in your business. It may be time to shift focus, or it may be time for a new approach altogether. Get as much input as possible from your key staff members during this time. You may just be overlooking something you hadn’t considered before. Ask yourself:

  • Could additional products be developed to sell to existing customers?
  • Are there any untapped demographics of potential customers that we should try and focus on to increase sales?
  • Are there any more current products that we could sell to our existing customers?

bright ideaBright Idea: If sales are drying up, it’s also the best time to work on your image: update your portfolio and your website. Invest in your image by hiring a great website designer that will make your message go beyond words.


Launch a Summer Sale or Promotion

Spice things up with an exciting summer sale. You may be surprised to learn that many companies don’t launch seasonal sales( especially in the B2B world), so you may just gain a competitive edge by launching one yourself. Don’t just dive in with a wholesale across-the-board discount; instead, consider some of the following options:

  • Discount Certain Products and Services – Test the market to see if you can shift slower selling products with a limited-time discount( say, for the month of August). Promote your offer to a select segment of your email list, perhaps those who haven’t purchased from you for some time.  Monitor the results.
  • Package Promotions – Offer a discount if customers buy more than one product or service. For example, buy one get one half priced.
  • Off-Peak Specials – Many people have more flexible schedules during the summer months. Search for ways to draw people in during your off-peak hours, whether it’s a time-bound discount or another incentive (bring a friend for half price, or get a free consultation).

bright ideaBright Idea: Use your blog and social media, or print out some awesome flyers and roller banners to use in your premises or at trade shows to advertise your promotion. If you’d rather opt for something more low-key, you could entice your customers by sending them coupons or vouchers by post or through a newsletter.


Host a Summer Business Event

Events are a great way to increase brand exposure and they also offer a perfect stage for launching promotional communications and sales events.
A barbecue cookout, business challenge, or other event can help get the word out for your business. The more relevant the link between the event you host and your business is, the better. The options are practically endless, and you could even consider an event aimed not only at your customers, but also their families. Although these events are somewhat more targeted and restrictive, they are a great opportunity for you to engage with your customers and reacquaint them to your brand. Some example events include:

  • A Themed event based around your product;
  • An event to launch a new product line;
  • A contest with a special prize for a lucky customer.

bright ideaBright Idea: By targeting children, you are essentially targeting the whole family, as their parents will bring them along and supervise them for the day, so you can host:


  • A children’s day with fun activities for kids;
  • A cartoon drawing day with entertainment and enjoyable activities;
  • Other children’s events to engage families who want to keep their kids entertained during the long summer holidays.


Give Back to the Community

Community projects are a great way to give back to the community and also get it acquainted to your brand. Why not organize or sponsor a community service day or charitable event? Pick a cause that’s a good fit for your business and reach out to the media, in addition to your own marketing, to publicize it. Check out here what expenses related to any volunteer work or charitable giving you can deduct.


Participate to Festivals and Trade Shows
Set up an Awesome Trade Show Booth that attracts, engages and sells. Give away brochures, business cards, and promotional items to reinforce your brand and boost sales.

bright ideaBright Idea: You can partner with non-competing businesses to put together attractive packages that offer customers discounts but ensure you and your partners’ profit.


Summer Event Calendars
Print calendars that list the hottest summer events in your area. Add in your branding and summer promotions so customers are exposed to them every time they reference your calendar.

bright ideaBright Idea: If you serve travelers and tourists, make sure you print some awesome rack cards to be placed at tourism centers, attractions, hotels, restaurants and other areas they frequent.

Do you have other ideas how to promote your business this summer that we have missed? We would really appreciate if you drop us a line below and share your ideas with us! Thanks!

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