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The August Pinkletter

This month, get ready to widen your horizons as you get a second chance to glory. Now get out of your cave, restore your memories from the social media depths and see what you’re missing.

For those of you who are still haunted by a shadow of doubt, prepare the drum rolls for the new competitor and the privileges revoking act.

Is this the best anniversary gift ever, or what?

1. The Next Web: Pinterest Launches iPad and Android Apps

After a successful debut on the market, it was only a matter of time until Pinterest would widen the horizons, developing applications for both iPad and Android… And the inevitable happened this month.

2. Mashable: vs. Gmail: Which Is Better?

Remember Hotmail? After years of oblivion, Hotmail finally got a second chance to restore their once upon a time glory… But will this makeover be enough to change the game in their favor and outshine Gmail?

3. Reuters: Mars Rover Landing “Miracle Of Engineering”, Scientists Say

Everybody heard of Mars rover Curiosity’s flawless landing (if you didn’t, get out of your cave)… but do you know the story behind this “miracle of engineering”?

4. Cnet: Apple’s Big Win Over Samsung – What Does It Mean?

One year after taking over Apple, Tim Cook gets the best anniversary gift ever: the big win over Samsung and $1.05 billion in damages. But is this war really over, or will we soon see a comeback?

5. Tech Hive: SocialPics Turns Your Facebook Timeline Into a Real Photo Album

As hundreds of pictures pile up, we forget many of our memories in the depths of Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. SocialPics can change that.

6. SlashGear: Instagram 3.0 Update Brings Photo Mapping History

Already think Instagram is awesome? Well it gets even better by updating both Android and iOS environments to the new 3.0 version which includes a function called Photo Mapping. Take a look and see what you’re missing.

7. Mashable: Maxthon 1.0 Takes on Safari and Chrome for the iPhone

On a market already dominated by Safari and Chrome, Maxthon is decided to make it through by marrying a couple of features from other competitors into one app. Ready to give it a try?

8. AllThings Digital: Apple Will Debut iPad Mini at October event

For those of you who are still haunted by a shadow of doubt, various sources have recently confirmed the debut of iPad mini, scheduled for October, short after the highly anticipated iPhone 5 launching event. Happy now?

9. Digital Trends: Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 Impressions: The First Real Windows 8 Tablet

Drum rolls please: properly celebrating the 20th anniversary of the ThinkPad, Lenovo launched the first fully-functional Windows 8 tablet. Curious yet?

10. The Next Web: Tumblr Next Property After Instagram to Remove Twitter Friend-Finding

After revoking Instagram’s friend-finding privileges, Twitter takes a shot at Tumblr, disabling the friend-finding feature as well. How’s next?


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