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The Pinkletter

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The December Pinkletter: 2010 Retrospective

What’s amazing about December is all the fuzzy feelings you get re-memorizing and cherishing the importance of the year that passed. It’s all about traditions and special moments: so we keep our beloved tradition – The Pinkletter, but this time we bring you the 2010’s most important and revealing tech moments.

When the war is over, let the new tablet era begin. Color your readings as the new features bewitch you, make a white wish and keep counting… Enjoy your long waited internet on television even if the Fail Whale is haunting. Now let the games begin!

1. 2010 – The Year of The Tablet (The New York Times)

It may not be entirely worth the title, but 2010 was definitely an important step for the beginning of the tablet era… or at least we hope it was. The start was promising, we’re curious to see what’s next. Surprise us, 2011.

2.The Apple vs Adobe War (iSmashPhone)

With the intrigues, sudden change of heart (or SDK, if you prefer) and scandalous public statements, this year the Apple vs Adobe war for supremacy took rivalry to a whole different level. What’s next on your hidden agenda, Apple?

3. The Launching of Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 (Techradar)

When the passion for adventure meets the passion for technology, be ready to enter a world of infinite freedom and fun through Kinect’s motion-controlled gaming interface… after all, we all love a good game once in a while. Right?

4. E-reading with Style: The Barnes & Noble Nook Color (PCMag)

Stepping up from the ordinary e-readers crowd but without being a tablet, the Barnes & Noble Nook Color finally added some color to our daily readings and offered us the most of our favorite reading media. Happy to have you, Nook.

5. 500 Million Users and Counting (TIME)

Concurring with the amazing achievement of 500 million users, Hollywood revealed Zuckerberg’s success story. No wonder he was nominated by TIME as the Person of the year … But so was Hitler.

6. The New MacBook Air (Engadget)

Apart from its new slim design and eye catching cutie look, we hear the new MacBook Air is anything but a toy.  And if you’re constantly in motion, keep it near and it will purr like a kitty in your lap. Mew.

7. Microsoft’s Glorious Comeback: Windows Phone 7 (Techradar)

Launched as a challenge for Apple’s iPhone4 supremacy, it seems like the loudly announced Windows Phone 7 became a hit in no time. From the design to the last feature, we hear everything about it caches the eye… is that so?

8. Apple’s Finest Smartphone: The iPhone 4 (Ubergizmo)

After a long, glorifying campaign, the latest improved Apple smartphone headed straight to the top. And it might even be worth the spicy price… But as for those who still believe in the white version: do you believe in Santa too?

9. Home Theater’s Worst Enemy: Logitech Revue (Digital Trends)

Powered by Google TV, Logitech’s Revue promises to put an end to our misery and finally provide the “Internet on television” that we dream of. But since everyone else failed, we still have our doubts. Prove us wrong.

10. Magical Make-Over: The New Twitter (Tech Crunch)

Twitter launched the improved new version of the website and everybody was excited about the new features and the neat look. It definitely has style… even when it crashes. We hear the Fail Whale is still among us.

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