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The Pinkletter

The November Pinkletter

The December Pinkletter: 2012 Reviewed

One of the best parts about December and the winter holidays (besides gifts and fancy parties) is that you can spend time with the ones you love, remembering past events. And in the spirit of this beloved tradition we’re all so fond of, we’re remembering this year’s Pinkletters: 2012′s most defining technology moments.

While AWS is stepping on some toes, keep your eyes on the Surface and on the powerful new tools, as you watch out for the Lion. Is it a glorious rise enough to impress you? How about the new iDevices?

Now get ready for an eventful new year!


mashable1. Mashable: The New iPad Is a Pure Joy

After proclaiming iPad 2 as the best tablet on the market, here comes Apple’s annual product update and steals its thunder… But is iPad 3 really better, or is it just a pretty face?

gigaom2. Gigaom: Amazon Launches Cloud App Store (And Eats Ecosystem?)

Now that the Cloud is getting more crowded with each day, AWS decided to launch an app store, making its users happy. But isn’t AWS Marketplace a bit of a double-edged sword?

techradar3. TechRadar: Hands On: Microsoft Surface Tablet Review

After announcing it with such enthusiasm, Microsoft’s new Surface Tablet turned out to be as expected: a delightful piece of hardware, challenging the market like no one before… Apple…

mashable4. Mashable: Retina MacBook Pro: The Laptop From The Future

Every time we hear there’s something cooking in the Apple labs, we assume there must be some innovative iDevices… but not this time. So get ready to be wooed by the new cutting-edge MacBook Pro.

photoshop-simplifed600-275x1715. Mashable: Photoshop CS6: Get Started  With These Powerful New Tools

We know you already got your eyes on the new Photoshop CS6 (we all did), but do you really know what you’re in for? Here’s how you can truly make the most of these powerful new tools.

slashgear6. SlashGear: Apple OS X Mountain Lion Review

Coming after the glorious launch of Windows 8 OS, Apple’s much anticipated update to its OS has some pretty large shoes to fill… here’s the great, the amazing and the not-so-good about Mountain Lion.

cnet7. Cnet: iPhone 5 Full Review: Finally, the iPhone We’ve Always Wanted

Drum rolls, please: Apple finally launched its most anticipated new toy: the shiny new iPhone 5. Ready to find out the good, the bad and the bottom line about the object of your desires?

nbcnews8. NBCNews: Microsoft Launches Windows 8

After countless hours of testing, Microsoft’s Windows 8 is finally here… and what you see today as a grand opening might be the beginning of a new era of computing (and a glorious rise for Microsoft).

guardian9. The Guardian: iPad Mini Launch: Live Coverage of the Apple Event in San Jose

After mocking 7 inch devices for a long time, it seems that Apple came around and launched one of the most anticipated iDevice: the iPad mini… Finally.

mashable10. Mashable: Windows Store Officially Opens With More Than 7,873 Apps

Watching the opening of one App Store after another, Microsoft finally joined the league with an official launch of the Windows Store, tempting its users with more than 7,873 apps… Are you impressed yet?

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