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The January Pinkletter

This new year, it’s time to reinvent the textbook and to get your moment of glory. So find the courage to upgrade and forget last year’s failings, as you blossom like never before.

And after enthusiastically waiting, it’s time to cheer up and break the patterns with a promising sneak peak, that will soon be the center of everything.

I guess somewhere the spirit of Steve Jobs is smiling.

1. The Washington Post: SOPA protests shut down Web sites

After grinding through Congress for some while, the SOPA bill attracted some pretty unhappy reactions from important tech companies who went on strike, using their influence as a political weapon…

2. Engadget: Apple launches iBooks 2 e-Textbook platform

After “reinventing” smartphones each year, this time Apple set its mind on “reinventing the textbook”, by launching the new and revamped iBooks 2 for iPad. Now who said it’s all about fun and games?

3. Mashable: Photoshop CS6 turns to the dark side

For the Photoshop lovers all over the world who are still holding their breath for the new CS6 release, Adobe broke the patterns and offered a very promising official sneak peak. Happy now?

4. Penn Olson: Angry Birds coming to Facebook on Valentine’s Day

For those of you who get hopeless and lonely just thinking at this year’s Valentine’s Day, we have something that will surely cheer you up: Angry Birds is coming to Facebook. Feeling better already?

5. Wired: 11 Must-see Ultrabooks and Tablets from CES 2012

After enthusiastically waiting, have you already got confused and lost track of all the goodies presented at CES 2012? No worries, here’s a list of the most impressive “toys”, that soon will be everyone’s talk-about…

6. Cnet: Microsoft: Kinect coming to Windows February 1

Since the launch of its innovative Kinect motion sensor, Microsoft is still heavily leaning on it to up its cool factor, and now is planning to extend it for Windows too, making  it the center of everything.

7. Forbes: RIM CEOs Balsillie and Lazaridis step down as COO takes top post

After gloriously failing in every project in motion in the last year, RIM finally announced what everyone was waiting for some time now: a new CEO.


8. PC World: Sprint LTE due first in Texas, Atlanta

After falling behind its major competitors on the market, Sprint finally found the courage to upgrade its services, announcing the launch of its LTE network in a number of cities. Well… it was about time.

9. Mashable: Apple’s best quarter ever: when will its run end?

For those of you who secretly wished that its CEO death will be followed by the company’s decline, you couldn’t be more wrong… it is blossoming like never before. I guess somewhere, the spirit of Steve Jobs is smiling.

10. The next web: Google finally releases an Orkut App for iOS

It’s hard to believe that after six years, Orkut still hasn’t had its moment of glory in the Apple Store… And now, Google is finally launching the long missing iOS application for Orkut.

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