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In a digital world where everybody is spying on everybody, get ready to make up for the lost time, complicating things with tiny gadgets and smart watches.

Now take your eyes off the camera and watch that summer calendar – we hear there is a daring competitor challenging the giants. Then take a time out and wake up from the bad dream, there are some features waiting to wow you.


techradar1. Tech Radar: Google Nexus 7 Review

Comfortably sitting on its golden throne, the ruling iPad is once again challenged by a new daring competitor… And this time, they say is someone its size…. at least the screen is.

forbes2. Forbes: Hands-on Review Of New Google Chromecast

For those of you looking to complicate your lives with tiny gadgets and tons of phone/tablet apps when you want to relax, we present you the new Google Chromecast… for the rest of you, just turn on your TV.

digitaltrends3. Digital Trends: Facebook’s Graph Search Officially Launches

In a digital world where everybody is sneaking on everybody, Facebook is providing us another valuable “spying” tool – the Graph Search. They say to expect better intelligence… but it’s just creepy.

mashable4. Mashable: Vine’s iOS Update Unlocks a Whole New Vine Experience

If you already think Vine is cool, you’re simply going to love the new update… Unlocking some Twitter features and impressive camera effects, Vine is determined to wow you with its new video experience .

guardian5. The Guardian: Apple Applies For iWatch Trademark

Once upon a time, there was a field – smart watches – where Apple didn’t get the chance to spread its tentacles… not anymore. Rumor has it that they have already started preparing the scene for the launch of the new iDevice.

techland6. Techland Time: RIP Google Reader, Hello Four Best RSS-Reader Replacements

Ever since Google decided we no longer need the Reader, we all hoped it was just a bad dream – it’s not. Is it us, or Google’s graveyard is getting bigger?

arstehnica7. Ars Tehnica: For First Time Ever, Feds Asked To Sit Out DefCon Hacker Conference

As tensions mount over NSA’s spying, people at DefCon decided to call for a “time-out”, closing its doors for federal agencies. Sounds fair enough to us.

theverge8. The Verge: Google Maps For Android: New Design, Improved Navigation, And Custom Tablet Navigation

Following the same design aesthetics that has taken everyone by storm, Google added another launch on their summer calendar – Maps for Android.

pcmag9. PC Mag: Hands On With The New Motorola Droids

After what seemed to be a lifetime absence on the smartphones’ market, Motorola emerged with three shiny new devices, trying to make up for the lost time… Could this battle get even more exciting?

engadget10. Engadget: Nokia Lumia 1020 Review

Showing off a 808 PureView 41-megapixels camera, Nokia Lumia 1020 is determined to demonstrate that is more than just that: ready to take your eyes off the camera?

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