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The March Pinkletter

This month started with a major Amazon server outage, but we also saw the reemergence of the old Nokia 3310. Facebook is improving its ad services and continues to expand its Messenger app. YouTube also received new features and we welcome two new smartphones into the digital world. Here’s what you might’ve missed from this month’s tech and digital news:

1. Amazon outage breaks large parts of the internet

Amazon Web Services’ S3 cloud storage experienced “high error rates” that rendered many major websites, such as Giphy, Medium, Slack, Quora, not functional. The company said that one of its employees was debugging an issue and accidentally took more servers offline than intended. Poor guy.

2. Hands on: New Nokia 3310 (2017) review

Nokia nostalgics can rejoice at the launch of a modernized version of Nokia 3310 (who can forget Snake?). The revamped 3310 retains some of its old features (design, battery life, low cost), but also features a low res camera and screen as well as 2.5G connectivity.

3. YouTube unveils YouTube TV, its live TV streaming service

YouTube has launched a live TV service called simply YouTube TV (although the service is not available yet). For $35 a month, you will be able watch ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and other channels. It’s interesting to see how YouTube will rival with other Internet TV providers.

4. Facebook’s New Video Ad Format Aims to Make E-commerce Easier

Facebook wants to use video to drive retail sales through a new ad format called Collection. Within this ad, retailers can select the products they want to feature or they can let Facebook pull popular products on their site.

5. Facebook’s Snapchat stories clone, Messenger Day, is now rolling out globally

If you haven’t seen it on your phone by now, there’s a new Snapchat-like feature on Facebook Messenger. Messenger Day lets you snap pictures or videos, add text, doodles, cartoon overlays, or facial filters. Your post will only be temporary (it deletes itself every 24 hours).

6. Google’s CAPTCHA no longer demands proof you’re not a robot

CAPTCHAS have been terrorizing Internet users for quite a while. This month, however, Google finally decided to make things easier for us by removing the dreadful security check box. Instead of typing a code or checking a box, you will automatically get access to content (Google monitors your web activity and will know you’re human).

7. YouTube Is Killing Its Annotations Editor May 2 in Favor of Cards, End Screens

YouTube’s Annotations Editor will no longer be available as of May 2. The old editor will be replaced with the newer tools called Cards and End Screens, which work on mobile and are easier to use.

8. LG G6 hands-on: The G6 is here, but should you wait for the Galaxy S8?

LG’s flagship has rolled out this month and it looks great. It’s waterproof, beautiful, features new camera tricks and has a competitive price. Are you sticking with your iPhone/Samsung, or are you going to join the LG side?

9. Huawei P10 review

A new phone was released this month, this time from Chinese company Huwaei. Although the new smartphone, Huawei P10, is not intended for high-end use, its feature pack can rival with big players in the smartphone market.

10. Apple Acquires Workflow

Apple has recently acquired Workflow, a popular automation app for iOS. It’s not known what Apple’s plans for Workflow are, but we suspect that it’s going to get bigger and better (like other impressive start-ups that were acquired by major tech companies).

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