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The November Pinkletter

As the hosting server turns into friend (or foe), Google steps up and reaches for the Cloud, taking interactivity very serious.

And after putting the whole world on Fire, dare to find out what’s hiding behind the pretty (inter)face and start sharing money with your friends… the rest of you, keep dreaming.

But since the new shiny tablet is put under scrutiny, seems like there are no happy endings. After all, this seems a wake rather than a wake-up call… isn’t it?

1. Mashable: How to Pick a Server for Your App

On the way to transforming your creative ideas into great applications, the hosting server can turn into friend or foe. Find out how to make the right choice.

2. Engadget: Amazon Kindle Fire Review

After putting the whole world on Fire, it’s time to unveil the mystery behind this lovely tablet. So dare to find out what’s hot and what’s not about the new “toy” from Kindle.

3. Tips&Tricks: What’s New in the Upcoming WordPress 3.3 Release?

Whenever a make-over happens, some of the most exciting features available are usually hidden behind a pretty (inter)face. Care to see what WordPress have to offer?

4. Techradar: Google Music: Everything You Need to Know

After Apple and Amazon made the first steps, it was only a matter of time until Google stepped up and reached for the Cloud(s), so you can enjoy your favorite music whenever. Curious yet?

5. Mashable: PayPal Launches Facebook App for Sending Money to Friends

In this new social media era, sharing is everything… you share emotions, ideas and images, and now, with PayPal, you can share money. After all, what are friends for?

6. TechCrunch: Y Combinator-Backed Vimessa Launches to Bring Free Video Voice Mail To Every Device

In this wide world of iDevices, it seems like nothing is impossible anymore, not even free video voice mail… for the rest of you, keep dreaming.

7. PCWorld: Google Search App for iPad Adds Instant Previews

When it comes to technologies, everything has to be pretty and most of all, interactive… And with the new flashy updates on its iPad App, Google seems to take this very serious.

8. Reuters: AT&T Braces for T-Mobile deal collapse

After bravely trying to conquer the US market, AT&T started to loose faith, as the merger got stuck in endless bureaucracy. Seems like there’s no happy ending to this story, after all.

9. Cnet: Barnes&Noble Nook Tablet

After getting ahead of its announced schedule, the shinny new device from Barnes&Noble is finally put under scrutiny. Here’s everything to know about the new version, Nook The tablet.

10. All Things Digital: For Yahoo (And For Me, Too) Time Is Brain

Having a natural talent for disasters (after firing its CEO, early this month) Yahoo! found itself in some kind of a mess. Is this a wake rather than a wake-up call, or it’s just gossip?

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