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This month, get ready to celebrate PayPal’s fortunate marriage with MoneyGram, as you discover the smartest camera ever. Now prepare for a new era of computing and try to keep up with Google’s updates while warmly welcoming Social Media’s new promising debutant.

Get ready to challenge the giants and start enjoying your unlocked smartphone and the tempting new apps in the Store.

And what’s more scary than a speaking car?… Halloween, of course… Happy Halloween, our dear news addicts!

1. The Guardian: iPad Mini Launch: Live Coverage of the Apple Event in San Jose

After mocking 7 inch devices for a long time, it seems that Apple came around and launched one of the most anticipated iDevice: the iPad mini… Finally.

2. Forbes: Is Pheed The New Twitter?

Drum rolls please: we have a new promising player on the already crowded scene of Social Media… and this time, it has a business plan. Careful Pheed, you have all eyes on you now… and they’re not all friendly.

3. TechRadar: Microsoft Surface Review

After dedicating decades on the PC’s altar, Microsoft decided to get back in the game and switched to touch interfaces and apps, throwing into battle a beautifully crafted tablet to challenge Apple. So game on.

4. Mashable: Hey Siri: Where’s My Car?

Remember how you used to watch SF movies when you were young and how those voice controlled cars used to make you daydream? Now integrating Siri, SmartStart has given your car a voice, leaving you speechless.

5. NBCNews: Microsoft Launches Windows 8

After countless hours of testing, Microsoft’s Windows 8 is finally here… and what you see today as a grand opening might be the beginning of a new era of computing (and a glorious rise for Microsoft).

6. AllThingsDigital: Nikon Launches Nikon Coolpix S800c With Android OS

Think your smartphone is so great for being able to quickly upload decent photos on the web? Find out just how smart the new Android powered camera from Nikon – Coolpix S800c is…

7. HuffingtonPost: PayPal Is Expanding Offline With MoneyGram

For those of you particularly fond of PayPal, we bring great news: PayPal is finally expanding offline by starting a partnership with  MoneyGram, making it undoubtedly the “world’s most loved way to get paid”.

8. ArsTehnica: Jailbreaking Now Legal Under DCMA For Smartphones, But Not Tablets

For those of you who patiently waited to legally unlock your mobile devices, that day has finally come… not if you’re a tablet owner, though. Sorry.

9. TechCrunch: Google Gives Street A 250k-Mile Update Across 17+ Countries, Its Biggest Update Ever

After Apple Maps’ fail, Google isn’t exactly resting on its laurels, releasing updates like there is no tomorrow and making it impossible to catch up.

10. Mashable: Windows Store Officially Opens With More Than 7,873 Apps

Watching the opening of one App Store after another, Microsoft finally joined the league with an official launch of the Windows Store, tempting its users with more than 7,873 apps… Are you impressed yet?

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