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In a relentless search for ideals and perfection (…and by that we mean fame and fortune), many of the tech giants found what they were looking for… or died trying.

And as 2013 is coming to an end, let’s see the most important tech achievements before we step into the New Year with high hopes and expectations.

digitaltrends1. Facebook Launches The Graph Search

In a digital world where everybody is sneaking up on everybody, Facebook is providing us another valuable “spying” tool – the Graph Search. They say to expect better intelligence… but it’s just creepy.

techcrunch2. Google Launches The Glass

If the Star Trek fan in you hasn’t died already, we have great news… Get ready to see the world through Google Glass’s eyes… but don’t hold your breath, there might be a long road ahead.

cnet3. HTC Launches The “One”

Placing considerable blood and sweat into the new handset, HTC spared nothing when creating the new HTC One. From top-notch components to latest technologies, the new toy has everything we expected to.

techradar4. Samsung Launches The 4th Star in the Galaxy

Drum rolls please: Samsung just sent in the arena another valuable competitor for the smartphones’ crown, and they say it’s a real crowd-pleaser. So take a look and see what’s under its shiny hood.

mashable-foursquare5. Foursquare Launches The New 6.0 Explorer

For those of you religiously using Forsquare, you will be thrilled to find out that the new 6.0 version is ready for download… armed with a larger check-in button and some other cool features, get ready to explore the town!

gsmarena---iOS76. Apple Launches The Long-Waited iOS 7

Although thoroughly polished with every device launched on the market, the UI of iOS was starting to look stale. And since everyone else already broke their patterns, it was only a matter of time until Apple did the same.

mashable-W87. Microsoft’s Windows 8 Goes Blue

Far from resting on its laurels after the successful launch of its revolutionary Windows 8, Microsoft is once again in the spotlight, officially launching the improved and long anticipated Windows 8.1.

the-verge8. Meet the New Apple of Our Eyes

As the fall leaves are falling, new devices and updates are flooding the market, trying to wow us with their creativity… and Apple made no exception. But will you take the 5S, or will you be a cheapskate and take the 5C?

cnet9. Expanding Galaxies, Samsung Launches The Gear

After creating some kind of a legend around it, when it finally got into the spotlight, Samsung’s Galaxy Gear falls far short of expectations, turning out to be really not that smart… Does cuteness count?

tech-radar10. Apple is Making Money Out of Thin Air

In a market where tablets are rising like mushrooms after the rain, there are a handful of competitors that can really make Apple make a run for their crown… and you can’t beat them with thin air. How about iPad Air?

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