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The Pinkletter

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The Pinkletter – Julie’s News Roundup


In a market where tablets are rising like mushrooms after the rain, giants will bury the hatchet of war, agreeing that bigger is better.

Now pick a side and beware of cash-eating operations, as you discover stories that you’ve never heard of before.

And since not everybody hates to change, prepare to reposition and rejuvenate, while Amazon is handling your payings.

tech-radar1. Tech Radar: iPad Air Review

In a market where tablets are rising like mushrooms after the rain, there are a handful of competitors that can really make Apple make a run for their crown… and you can’t beat them with thin air. How about iPad Air?

mashable-google2. Mashable: Hell Freezes Over: Google to Sell Facebook Ads

Although once in a while giants decide to bury the hatchet of war and shake hands, this new partnership will leave you speechless anyway – Google just announced it will start selling Facebook Ads.

the-verge3. The Verge: Official Instagram Windows Phone App Arriving in the ‘Coming Weeks’

For those of you having second thoughts about choosing a WP because you’re missing Instagram – you can now enjoy it. For the rest of you – we have nothing.

dvice4. Dvice: Samsung Galaxy Note 3: The Most Compelling Phablet Yet

In the matters of smartphones, these days everybody seems to agree that bigger is better – so soon enough phablets will be the standard. And the new Note 3 will make you wanna embrace the trend.

the-guardian5. The Guardian: Winners and Losers in the Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Battle

For those who haven’t heard of the epic government shutdown, we strongly advise you to get out of your cave. For the rest of you –  who’s side are you on?

wsj6. The Wall Street Journal: Heavy R&D Spending Makes Unprofitable Twitter a High Risk – Rapid Ratings

In contrast with Facebook’s very successful IPO, Twitter is only appealing in theory – because practically it’s a high risk, cash-eating operation.

mashable-wattpad7. Mashable: Wattpad is the Most Active Social Site You’ve Never Heard Of

You still think your friends’ Facebook stories are interesting and worthy of your enthusiastic comments? Wait until you discover the stories on Wattpad… Seriously. These are real stories.

design-taxi8. Design Taxi: ‘7-Eleven’ Unveils Refreshed Logo and Store Design

In an attempt to “reposition and rejuvenate” the stores to “better capture the millennial and female demographics”, 7-Eleven has just unveiled their new image, catching the eye with a shiny new logo and store design.

all-things-digital9. All Things Digital: Here’s Why You Didn’t Know Amazon’s New Payments Product Isn’t, Well, New

You thought online paying couldn’t get easier? It just did: with the new ‘Pay with Amazon’ system, PayPal is facing a real competition.

tech-hive10. Tech Hive: What People Hate Most About The New Yahoo! Mail

Celebrating their 16th anniversary, Yahoo! unveiled for its users a new polished and improved interface – or at least that’s what they think. Because apparently everybody hates it.

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