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Fort Lauderdale Web Design Trends 2016

Fort Lauderdale Web Design Trends in 2016

Each year, new trends arrive and most of us follow them, whether we like it or not. Web design trends are no different. However, many trends fade away as time goes by, so use them wisely. More importantly, trends should benefit your users and your business, so don’t rush into following trends just because they’re “cool”. Here are 6 web design trends we’ve recently used into building websites for several Florida-based brands.

Geometric Patterns

Web design involving geometric patterns and shapes follow a design trend which was quite popular during the 80s and 90s. This revived design motif draws immediate attention through backgrounds, illustrations, framing components, graphic elements and navigation elements. A distinctive style of geometric design is “low poly”, which is inspired by 3D modeling for video games. Although rectangles and circles are at the core of geometric web design, one can (and should) also make smart use of polygons such as triangles, hexagons or rhombuses.

Take a look at this recent website we’ve rebuilt and designed that incorporates geometric elements to grab the user’s attention:

Fort Lauderdale Web Design Trend - Geometric Patterns

Hero Images

Though hero images might not be newest web design trend, they have nevertheless been used extensively by web designers to captivate visitors. Hero images are displayed above the fold and should load quite rapidly on all devices thanks to technological advances in bandwidth and data compression. Hero images are typically used in long-scrolling websites that allow visitors to discover the website’s content page by page.

We’ve recently designed a hero image-based website from scratch and you can view it here:

Fort Lauderdale Web Design Trend - Hero Image

Card-based Layout

Card-based or modular web design displays content very neatly, providing a productive and pleasant experience for users. Modular design is not actually something new, but the use of self-contained cards or modules in the past two years or so have reinvented the trend. Each card represents a single concept, such as product, news article, event, and so on. Modular layout design works very well with responsive web design, as well.

Here’s one of our recently designed websites which sports a modular layout with self-contained cards:

Fort Lauderdale Web Design Trend - Cards

Hover Animations

Hover animations / effects can serve multiple purposes, but mostly to make a website more interactive. When a webpage loads slowly, many websites display a “loading” animation to keep the visitor entertained. Another purpose of hover effects is to save on screen real estate by displaying information on top of an illustration upon hovering.

Here are some examples of simple hover animations on a website we’ve built this year:

Fort Lauderdale Web Design Trend - Hover Animations

Grid Layout

Grid-based layouts are still one of the most popular web design trends. By arranging bits of information on the screen on a rectangular grid, visitors can very easily distinguish one concept from another. Grid-based websites are aesthetically pleasing through their symmetry and structured feel.

Inspired by grid layouts, we’ve recently designed this website which incorporates tiles of multiple sizes:

Fort Lauderdale Web Design Trend - Grid

Responsive Design

You may have heard this before, but we’ll say it again: responsive web design is a necessity due to the rise of mobile Internet usage. Even though they are trickier to design, maintaining responsive websites is easier and cheaper. On the visual side, responsive sites tend to be cleaner and less crammed due to size restriction on small devices. Keep in mind that responsive websites are different from mobile websites. Find out what the differences are here.

Because there are many fields of industry, some web design trends will work better on some websites than others. Choose the ones that truly make your website unique and easy to use. Providing a great user experience, is, after all, what every business and web designer should aim for.

At BrightPink Studio, we design & develop awesome websites, make gorgeous print materials, create logos and other branding items, and more. In our blog, we share news, tips & inspiration - like this article! If you enjoyed it, please share.


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