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Pin to Win – 7 Ways to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing Success (Part 2)

As we promised you last week in our post, we continue today our series of bright tips on how to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level. Photo: Bloomua / Shutterstock.com

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Pin to Win – 7 Ways to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing Success (Part 1)

Pinterest is fun and boosts creativity but at its social media heart, Pinterest is very smart marketing! Are you wondering how can you use Pinterest to market your business more successfully? Photo: Twin Design / Shutterstock.com

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On Running Marathons, Running Ads and Sore Calves: What I Learned at National Achievers Congress
My good friend and client Arianne Glassman got me a ticket to join her at the National Achievers Congress 2018 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The whole-day event was an incredible experience, an opportunity to listen to some great speakers, top experts in their field, and fully immerse in the energy on a room holding somewhere between 7,000 and 10,000 participants, the vast majority of which were business owners.

I learned a lot so instead just posting a few selfies and a hashtag I wanted to take the opportunity to pass on some takeaways from my favorite speakers. I believe this advice is especially relevant to my clients, mostly small businesses, and is very applicable from a marketing perspective.

Robert Herjavec, the well-known business leader and one of the sharks on Shark Tank, brought on some good business advice peppered with personal stories (and he was funny too!). "Belief is really important, but you also have to train, in that field!". He said that after telling the story of running a marathon on a whim and being outrunned by an 84 year old woman. My takeaway applied to marketing: if you want to run marketing, then train yourself in marketing first; just because you can run, it doesn’t mean you’re ready to run a marathon; just because you can post on Facebook doesn’t mean you can run a social media campaign (or at least a successful one).

Gary Vee (I don’t really know to explain who he is, do I?) was very entertaining and he drove the message home with his unique no-BS attitude: you gotta market for today and you gotta draw attention to your brand by running ands and publishing content on social media. “You can’t just read about doing push-ups, you gotta do push-ups!” I know a lot of business owners who think and ponder about doing social media for their company but never actually go ahead and take action. Well, reading about why you should do it and how you should do it isn’t the same thing as doing it. His final message: “Run some f’ing ads and write some f*ing content!” I heard you, Gary.

Tony Robbins (he definitely needs no introduction) did not disappoint: 4 hours of pure energy, excitement, the room was electrified! I took pages upon pages of notes and walked away with cramps in my calves from all the jumping (yeah, there’s a lot of jumping, high-fiving and lot of other exercises involved). Tony’s advice for business owners really resonated with what I’ve been focusing my efforts on lately (making sure each business owner has a marketing plan). "Know more about your ideal customer than they know about themselves”. This comes from a guy who owns 33 companies. It’s safe to assume he knows he knows what he’s talking about. So next time you see those pesky “client persona” worksheets, please don’t skip them!

So here’s my super-quick summary of 12 hours in one phrase: Train, write some f’ing content and know your ideal customer. ~ Madalina #NAC18
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