CSMOMS Logo Design

Coral Springs
Mothers of Multiples

When it comes to redesigning a logo for a non-profit organization with a long history, the biggest challenge is preserving the continuity while also embracing the evolution of the group and its positioning in current times. When CSMOMS trusted us with the redesign of their outdated logo, we happily took on the task and the result made everyone fall in love with it: a fresh look with a clean, simple and endearing concept that needs no explanations at all. Can you feel the love?

Ann Hall

President (2014-2015)

Coral Springs Mothers of Multiples (CSMOMS)

"Coral Springs Mothers of Multiples had a logo, website, business cards and brochures created for our non-profit group. BrightPink Studio made great adjustments to our initial idea, improved our design, and delivered products that were above and beyond what we expected. We are proud to show off our logo, not only on the website but also handing out business cards, selling T-shirts, car decals and they all look top-notch. In addition to their superlative design skills, BrightPink Studio is honest, hard-working. Our club had a wonderful experience working with them and will continue to go to them for their creative ideas!"