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We gave the official website of Fort Lauderdale Beach a WordPress homepage makeover! With a few strategic changes to its header and footer, and a complete new layout for the homepage, it looks fresh and brand-new.

Over the past few years, has become the go-to web-place for anything noteworthy in the Fort Lauderdale Beach area. Whether you’re looking for a place to stay, entertainment or making dinner plans, the website offers it all, plus much more in an easy to browse layout that’s well organized and beautiful.

We’re happy that they trusted us with its design from the beginning, and even happier that, when it was time for a redesign, they trusted us again.

So, what’s new in this WordPress homepage makeover? The redesigned layout focuses on a better mobile experience. It also brings improved usability, less text and larger pictures.

  • We simplified the header and added a large slideshow to highlight upcoming events and newsworthy headlines.
  • We designed large custom icons to lead into the main categories of content.
  • Blog features show 6 most recent articles with large photos and clear tags.
  • The upcoming events also show large photos and easy to understand information.
  • We simplified and reorganized the footer.
  • Blog features and events, like the slideshow, span the entire width of the screen.

Because we developed the initial website on a WordPress platform, the redesign effort was minimal and budget-friendly. This is only one of the features that makes WordPress great. It’s also one of the reasons why we recommend it to our clients. When a website has a solid foundation, a design refresher only costs a fraction of the cost of redesigning and developing it all over again to meet current trends and the public’s expectations. And as you know, when it comes to web technologies, trends and expectations change often.

Scroll down to see the before-and-after, showing the first design (also designed by us) and the current, newly updated look.

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